Summer School in Organizational Ethics (Université Laval)

Summer School in Organizational Ethics (Université Laval)

Institut d’éthique appliquée (Université Laval)

Theme: Whistleblowing: between theory and practice, what challenges today?

Date and location: August 29 to 31 at Université Laval

This summer school will take place in Québec, Québec and will be conducted in French.


Thanks to whistleblowers, illegal or ethically reprehensible activities are regularly revealed to the public or denounced internally whether in the public service or in private sector organizations.

These alerts can trigger a process that will lead to concrete improvements in the way these organizations, public or private, are administered. They can also help to better protect the public, particularly in cases of health or safety risks.

However, those who decide to blow the whistle often suffer serious psychological, reputational, financial and social damage as a result of their actions, despite the formal mechanisms that are supposed to protect them from retaliation.

This summer school will address the various aspects of whistleblowing, including the legal framework that surrounds it in Quebec and Canada. Participants will learn how to identify ethics alert situations, develop a better understanding of the legal standards governing ethics alert and its consequences in labour law and civil liability law, and become aware of best practices in ethics alert.

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