Ombudsman Toronto – 2022 Annual Report

Ombudsman Toronto – 2022 Annual Report

Ombudsman Kwame Addo has just released his 2022 annual report.

Collectively, we are still seeing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including job loss, increased food insecurity, and rising costs, to name a few. These challenges have exacerbated the housing crisis, with homelessness and housing precarity on the rise. One consequence of this new reality has been a growing need for a municipal government that the public can count on.

Throughout it all, my team has continued to help the public deal with the lasting impacts of the pandemic and guide the City of Toronto on how to continue delivering services fairly and equitably. I look forward to sharing some of that work with you throughout this annual report.

This is just a small selection of the work that we did at Ombudsman Toronto in 2022. I speak on behalf of my whole team when I say how proud we are of the work you will read about throughout this report. As Ombudsman Toronto looks to the year ahead, we will continue to be a champion for fairness at the City, and will remain committed to holding it accountable to the people it serves.

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