Ombudsman Fairness Checklist


  • Public information is available and understandable
  • Forms are in plain language
  • Clients are given all the information they need
  • Clients are treated with courtesy

Facilities and Services

  • Telephones are answered promptly
  • Voicemail, answering machines or toll-free numbers are available
  • Premises are easily accessible and suited for wheelchairs
  • The environment is safe and healthy for workers
  • The public’s right to privacy is respected

Decision Procedures

  • Those affected by a decision have a chance to give information and evidence to support their position
  • Decisions are made within a reasonable time
  • Reasons are given for decisions

Appeal, Review, and Complaint Procedures

  • At the time of decisions, people are told of any existing appeal or review procedures
  • Complaint procedures are clearly defined
  • The public is asked for ideas on improvements in service

Organizational Issues

  • Staff are given clear titles for the functions they perform
  • Agencies consider whether reorganizing would provide better quality service
  • Agencies cooperate with one another to provide better service to the public

Agency Review and Planning

  • The public invited to participate in planning programs
  • How decisions will be made is clear from the beginning
  • Statistical information needed to evaluate and improve performance is recorded and maintained
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