Selected Works of Ombudsman Historical Development and Current Issues

Selected Readings

Background reading:

The Ombudsman Plan: the Worldwide Spread of an Idea by Donald C. Rowat. 2nd ed. Lanham, Maryland:
University Press of America, 1985. 199 p.
ISBN: 0-8191-5040-1 or 0-8191-5038-8
A collection of the author’s writings tracing the history of the rapid spread of the ombudsman idea.

The Ombudsman: Diversity and Development, Linda C. Reif, Mary Marshall and Charles Ferris, editors.
Edmonton: International Ombudsman Institute, 1993. 287 p.
ISBN: 0-9692939-9-2
A compilation of the papers presented at the 1992 Workshop on The Ombudsman: Diversity and Development in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Papers address legal, administrative, economic, social and cultural concerns of the ombudsman’s work.

The Ombudsman Concept,
Linda C. Reif, editor. Edmonton: International Ombudsman Institute,1995. 254 p.
ISBN: 09692939-1-7
Comprised of the twenty-nine papers and reports delivered at the International Conference on The Ombudsman Concept in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., from September 19 – 24, 1994 . Addresses cover such topics as the elements of ombudsmanship, ethical considerations and future challenges for ombudsman.


Recent Publications:

Righting Wrongs: the Ombudsman in Six Continents, Roy Gregory and Philip Giddings, editors.
Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2000. 488 p.
ISNB: 1 58603 044 2 (IOS Press) or 4 274 90371 0 C3034 (Ohmsha)
An international comparative study of the ombudsman institution. Thematic chapters cover such issues as human rights and the new public management. Contributors include academics and practitioners, public lawyers, political scientists and administrators, drawn from a wide range of states and reflecting many different systems, cultures and experiences. Contains a comprehensive bibliography.

Le Protecteur du citoyen by Daniel Jacoby. Trois-Pistoles, Québec: Éditions Trois-Pistoles, 1998. 368 p.
ISBN: 2-921898-55-1
A collection of texts written by the author over a number of years, including excerpts from annual reports, speeches, interviews and briefs submitted to the National Assembly of Quebec, selected to illustrate the various aspects of the ombudsman function.

The books listed above are held in the library of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages and are available on loan to other libraries. Furthermore, the library has an excellent working collection of documents on the ombudsman function.

Please let us know of any book, article or speech you think might be a useful addition to the site.

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