Ombudsman Toronto News

Ombudsman Toronto News

October 10, 2017

Toronto Ombudsman Recommends $462,000 Payment to Senior

28 September 2017

Ombudsman Toronto released its Enquiry Report recommending that the City of Toronto repay $462,000 to a senior after selling his house in a tax sale.

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Toronto’s Ombudsman tells landlords “Turn off the heat”

22 September 2017

Toronto’s Ombudsman Susan Opler today adds her voice to the City officials who have called on residential landlords across Toronto to immediately turn off the heat in their buildings until the current heatwave is over.

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Ombudsman Releases Three Enquiry Reports

21 September 2017

Ombudsman Toronto released three Enquiry Reports into complaints and concerns about City Services. The Enquiries address different aspects of City operations: parking ticket disputes, noise complaints and notifications of zoning variance requests. All made recommendations to improve how the City communicates information to the public.

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