University Ombudsperson – Queen’s University

Queen’s University is seeking a Lawyer with a solid grounding in administrative law who is an expert in navigating ambiguity within a complex organization to reduce risk and solve multi-party and complex concerns. The ideal candidate will have a proven record of facilitating the resolution of concerns based on institutional requirements while demonstrating empathy to diverse groups of people on a wide-variety of disputes, concerns or complaints, and will have had success connecting people with resources and systems within to bring about fair resolutions.

Supporting students, staff and faculty across six faculties and numerous departments will ensure this role is exciting and mentally stimulating, and the incumbent will be encouraged to use their judgement to develop innovative solutions. Additionally, the structure of the university is such that this position has the authority and is encouraged to cut through potential barriers to quickly identify the root cause of a problem and connect with decision makers directly. This position is an opportunity to make a real difference within a globally recognized and diverse educational institution, which is a member of Canada’s U15 group of universities.

If you feel the above description describes your knowledge, skills and abilities, and feel the opportunity sounds both exciting and stimulating, we encourage you to apply.

Closing Date:  May 12, 2019

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