Ombudsman Toronto: Celebrating One Decade – Looking to the Next

9 May 2019

The City of Toronto Ombudsman says 2019 marks a decade of success for her office in its work to ensure fairness in City services and administration.

“Ombudsman Toronto was a brand new idea when it was first established” says Susan Opler. “There had never been a municipal Ombudsman in Ontario. The City’s administration, elected officials, staff at Ombudsman Toronto and the public can all take pride in what we have accomplished.”

In Ombudsman Toronto’s 2018 Annual Report, Opler praised councillors and staff for supporting her office’s independent oversight of the City’s operations. She quoted one senior City staff member: “In my view, Ombudsman Toronto has delivered and exceeded on all the goals that were envisioned when the function was first created.”

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