Review of CCTS Service Delivery Process and Related Technologies – Request for Information

This RFI is intended to obtain responses from individuals or firms (“Respondents”) for the conduct of a review of the processes and technologies which the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services Inc. (“CCTS”) uses to deliver its complaint-handling services to Canadian consumers and service providers. The goals of the review are:

  • to ensure that CCTS’ processes are efficient and effective, and consistent with best practices in the industry, as well as to obtain recommendations for improvement;
  • to obtain information and recommendations regarding technologies available in the marketplace which CCTS might wish to consider in order to streamline its processes, provide enhanced consumer access, quicker complaint-handling, and improved staff support, and to allow CCTS to respond with agility to increases or decreases in complaint volumes.

CCTS previously issued an RFI in December 2018. As a result of the responses received to that RFI, CCTS has determined that it is desirable to obtain responses containing more detailed information related to our compliant-handling processes. Accordingly, we are making available to Respondents a summary document describing our processes and the technologies we use. This summary document will be made available to Respondents subject to execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The NDA is included in this e-mail. Please submit the signed NDA via e-mail in PDF or MS Word format to the e-mail address on the cover of this document.

CCTS RFI for Service Delivery Review – Direct


Response Deadline:  2:00 PM EDT, July 26, 2019

Inquiries and Responses Should Be Directed By Email to:
Howard Maker
Commissioner & CEO

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