Director, Special Ombudsman Response Team (Ontario Ombudsman)


The Director, Special Ombudsman Response Team (SORT) is a key member of the Ontario Ombudsman’s Executive Management Team (EMT), providing investigative expertise, leadership, high-level strategic advice and critical management support to the Ombudsman and Deputy Ombudsman in the fulfillment of the Ombudsman’s mandate. In addition, the Director represents the Ombudsman in high-level discussions with senior government and agency officials up to and including at the Deputy Minister level, to address problems identified in individual and systemic complaint reviews and investigations. The Director also provides training internally and on behalf of the Office on the methodology for investigations and related issues.

The position is responsible for the leadership and direction of the Special Ombudsman Response Team, which conducts systemic investigations focused on maladministration and fairness issues that affect the public trust in institutions. The Director of SORT ensures that all investigations conducted by the team follow the methodology developed by the Office and meet its high quality standards related to thoroughness, investigative integrity and impartiality. The Director is responsible for identifying and elaborating strategies to deal with all issues and challenges that may arise during the course of complex and systemic investigations, including resistance and lack of co-operation.

The Director works in collaboration with other directors and senior managers across the organization in setting and implementing organizational strategy, providing guidance and direction on the conduct of investigations and enabling the Ombudsman to make recommendations and report on issues of significant interest to the Ontario public.

The Ombudsman’s Office has grown over the past year, with the broadening of its oversight mandate to include children and youth in care and French language services. These additions create great opportunity to broaden the reach for SORT and the issues that the team is asked to investigate. Within this context, the Director oversees all investigations conducted by SORT, including pre-investigative and assessment work, drafting investigation plans and executing them, as well as producing reports and co-ordinating follow-up on the Ombudsman’s recommendations.

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