President’s Message

Message from the President

June 2021

Nadine Mailloux
Montreal Ombudsman

I would like to thank you for your trust and support. I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve as President of our association. As I mentioned at the AGM, I am very happy to continue my involvement with the FCO for several reasons mentioned hereafter.

First, I would like to emphasize how proud I am to work with our Board members: Craig Thompson, Lori Ciani, Renée Gavigan, Sophie Petrillo, Johanne Savard, and our new colleagues, Kamini Bernard and Pierre Champoux

This group of people has displayed remarkable efforts towards their role and I have so much admiration for their dedication. I am proud to be part of this group and thankful for the opportunity to learn from individuals of such quality.

Over the past 21 years, I have worked in many different ombuds roles, and I still wake up each morning pinching myself for having such a great job. One that allows me to meet all kinds of people, listen to their compelling stories, help them, make a difference, and in recent years, to be part of a more egalitarian movement, which I truly believe will have a positive impact on our interactions as human beings. I have recognized this same passion in you, dear members, when we meet at various events.

I am therefore very humbled to be given the mandate to continue our project of reviewing our value proposition with you, in order to meet your needs and expectations of this association. You are entitled to it. I also have a particular desire to promote and implement more diversity and inclusion in our working committees and projects.

Over the next few months, we will be asking you to work with us on this project. We want to know what you need to fulfill your role, what you want to learn, and what concerns you have. There will undoubtedly be surveys, but more importantly, we would like to bring together those of you who want to be involved in working committees on the various issues of importance. The goal: to know you better and to serve you better.

I urge you to come forward now and become part of this process.

The role that we, the ombudsmans, play in society is more important than ever. And the transformation of human relations towards a more egalitarian basis, positions us, in my opinion, as constructive and unavoidable vectors for the evolution of practices, mentalities and alternative dispute resolution. The FCO can, and must play a leading role in this regard and wishes to accompany you in this journey towards a fairer world. Will you be part of the trip?

Nadine Mailloux

Message from the President – Ombuds Day (October 14, 2021)

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