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2017 FCO/ACCUO Biennial Conference

The Work of Ombudsman: Holding Governments and Organizations to Account

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with colleagues from all levels of government, education, banking, private corporations, health care and a variety of other organizations.

This year’s theme is The Work of Ombudsman: Holding Governments and Organizations to Account  and will include two and half days of keynote presentations, concurrent learning sessions, a panel discussion, and Welcome Reception. FCO and ACCUO will be holding their AGM’s and elections on Monday May 15th and Tuesday May 16th respectively.

Keynote Speakers



Paul Dubé
Ontario Ombudsman


Honourable Judge Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond
Provincial Court of Saskatchewan, and former B.C. Representative for Children and Youth

Madeleine Meilleur

Madeleine Meilleur
Former MPP for Ottawa/Vanier, minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs and Attorney General

Peter Tyndall
President of the International Ombudsman Institute
Kevin Fenwick
Former Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General for Saskatchewan, Former Saskatchewan Ombudsman

Session Highlights

In addition to our Keynote Speakers, we are pleased to highlight just a few of the outstanding sessions that will be presented at the FCO/ACCUO joint 2017 Biennial Conference:

The following workshops will be co-facilitated by Ms. Marie-Claude Pelletier, President of the LEVIA Group, Strategy, Development & Partnership for Health, and Ms. France St-Hilaire, Associate Professor at the School of Management at the University of Sherbrooke, Director of the Health Organization Team and Director of the Organizational Health Graduate Microprogram.

How to Maintain Your Mental Health as an Ombudsman
(May 15th 11:10 to 12:00) presentation in French with simultaneous interpretation

Mental health issues are increasingly common among the general public and among workers. Nowadays this issue can affect anyone. Your very role as ombudsman exposes you to various risk factors, such as professional isolation, lack of support associated with confidentiality requirements or the need to control your emotions (emotional labour). This workshop has two main objectives: 1) to help you recognize your own signals of distress and risk factors; 2) to show you protective factors and strategies that promote mental health.

In order to conduct a preliminary assessment of your mental health at work, you will receive a self-assessment questionnaire that will be sent two to three weeks before the Forum. A personalized and confidential profile will be sent to you so that you can benefit from the advice that will be provided, based on your responses. The data will be processed confidentially and anonymously by an external expert. The workshop will establish a general picture of ombudsmen’s mental health and the workshop content will be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Mental Health in the Workplace: What are an Ombudsman’s Roles?
(May 15th 14:00-14:50) presentation in French with simultaneous interpretation

Almost one in five Canadians is affected by mental health issues. In the workplace, over one third of workers demonstrate symptoms of psychological distress (Vézina et al., 2011). This situation has a clear impact on organizations; while absences due to mental health issues make up one third of insurance claims, they represent between 50% and 70% of costs. How can we prevent mental health issues and their consequences?

At our workshop you will learn about:

  • Stress and its consequences on individual and organizational health;
  • The signs and symptoms of psychological distress;
  • The main diagnoses identified in the workplace in relation to mental health;
  • Risk factors and organizational and individual protection factors
  • Best practices for intervention:
    • Sentinel approach
    • Training, support and tools for managers
    • Training, support and tools for employees

We will conclude the workshop with a discussion on the roles that you can play as part of your duties to promote mental health within organizations.

For more details and on these workshops and all of the concurrent learning sessions, be sure to check out the detailed program


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Don’t miss the special 2017 edition of the Canadian Tulip Festival in the Nation’s Capital, May 12-22, 2017, featuring millions of tulips in bloom, plus pageantry and entertainment for all ages. Breathtaking fireworks and vintage military displays pay tribute to veterans, recalling the Festival’s roots in the liberation of the Netherlands by Canadian troops 71 years ago. Details.

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