Osgoode/FCO Certificate - Advanced

Advanced Issues in Ombuds Practice - Osgoode/FCO Certificate

For the more experienced Ombuds professional, this four-day advanced certificate – offered in two distinct modules – will explore and analyze some of the most challenging problems confronting today’s Ombuds.

Program Dates: 2025, this program is offered every 2 years
Venue: TBD

Dates Coming Soon

This advanced intensive and interactive program will give you the knowledge and practical skills you need to excel in an Ombuds’ practice.

Created by the developers of the highly successful Osgoode/FCO Certificate – Essentials for Ombuds, this program will focus on practical, real world situations and provide ample opportunity for hands-on learning, questions, and class discussion. Whether it’s examining the elements of a major investigation or assessing how to effectively lead your Ombuds office, the faculty will ensure you leave with tactics and solutions to overcome these often vexing situations.

What You’ll Learn

You will get practical tips and strategies in areas including:

Module 1: Complex Investigations and the Inside/Outside Perspectives on Ombuds Practice

  • Investigations: conducting, funding, monitoring, reactions, results and recommendations
  • Interacting with the media and addressing the perils that can arise from fake news
  • Using various forms of media to build higher visibility and produce more persuasive and accurate content
  • Managing perceptions as it relates to how the Ombuds role is perceived, supported and/or undermined by insiders

Module 2: Peer and Self-Evaluation of Service and Building Staff Capacity in Ombuds Practice

  • Creating an inclusive working environment for Ombuds staff that are receptive to and supportive of a wide diversity of points of view, backgrounds, differences of all kinds
  • Conducting an Ombuds-driven evaluation of Ombuds’ effectiveness and value for money
  • Analyzing Ombuds operating procedures for indications of systemic bias
  • Conducting an Ombuds-driven evaluation of Ombuds’ effectiveness and value for money