Why a Forum of Canadian Ombudsman?

Why a Forum of Canadian Ombudsman?

For some time people who work in the ombudsman field have seen the need for an umbrella organization to permit people to share information and views and to promote the ombudsman concept across Canada. The following organizations inspired the creation of the FCO.

  • The Canadian Ombudsman Association (COA) – composed of legislative ombudsman offices in eight provinces and specialty ombudsman offices at the federal level.
  • The Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons (ACCUO) – composed of college and university ombudsman agencies.
  • The Federal Ombudsman Forum (FOF) – composed of legislative and executive ombudsman office at the federal level.

The idea of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman (FCO) is to provide a global network for ombudsman offices from all sectors and of all types – as well as people simply interested in ombudsman issues – to meet and to exchange information.

In late 2000, a working group of interested ombudsman and staff from all sectors began work on establishing the national network organization. Their work culminated in the first Annual General Meeting of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman in November 2001.

Our Board is composed of ombudsman and ombudsman staff from every sector of the field.

Mission Statement

Promoting the Ombudsman’s role in various sectors of Canadian society and in the global community, maximizing its usefulness and credibility by encouraging and sharing ideas, learning, finding innovative orientations and best practices and developing professional standards.